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In our changing times, truly great creative ideas now demand to have the power to be explored across a broad range of media and outputs. Agencies today are constantly developing new and interesting ways to explore emerging opportunities from both technology and culture; and this is something that we at LIZH are excited to be a part of.

Sometimes it's hard to keep track of all these new developments, so we've created a place to showcase the best of the work coming out of agencies, regardless of the medium. Quite simply, what they have in common is a great thought or idea, being put into practice.

<h3>TBWA London</h3><em>Four Seasons Pin. Pack. Go.</em><br /><br />Interesting use of pinterest by four seasons. To receive personalized recommendations from Four Seasons local experts
TBWA London - Four Seasons Pin. Pack. Go.
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<h3>Cheil Singapore</h3><em>Samsung - Eyes On The Road</em><br /><br />Eyes on the road, hands off the phone  A clever App to keep you safe while driving.
Cheil Singapore - Samsung - Eyes On The Road
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<h3>On The Up Side</h3><em>Tapestry</em><br /><br />Tapestry - Interesting product innovation developed in house by this new agency proposition.
On The Up Side - Tapestry
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<h3>Grey London</h3><em>Puma Dance Fragrances</em><br /><br />PUMA DANCE DICTIONARY PRESENTS 'FIRST TIME' By Grey. Beautiful work. Truly original.
Grey London - Puma Dance Fragrances
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