Prodigious is the in-house production company for the Publicis Groupe. Looking to bring in a COO to work with CEO to help grow the business.

Also looking to build a bench of Managing Partners for Saatchi London, ready for growth in 2019. These people need to have a mindset of nurturing their teams vs their own career.

Start date: TBC

Proposed ideas:


Bianca is brilliant. One of the most impressive ‘first time’ agency leaders we’ve met in a while.
Bianca until recently lead global business for DDB Worldwide (Henkel) and has previously lead other global accounts too for the DDB network including Ebay and Sony. 

Bianca was handed a really difficult ‘gig’, being promoted into her first office/agency leadership role when made CEO of DDB Berlin in June last year 2017. They had just lost a large client, moral was really low and she took over just as the agency was shrinking from 100 to 60 people (having to make a number of the redundancies as a first task in her new role), losing also her ECD and having to hire in new ECDs.  She has since, for the last year been rebuilding the agency successfully. The recent satisfactions survey shows the working culture is moving back in the right direction and the agency had success at Cannes in the summer, winning a number of lions for ‘The Uncensored Playlist’. More widely work has improved and growth is on the agenda again. 

Bianca isn’t German and doesn’t speak German and while she loves Berlin has gone as far as she feels she can go with German clients who don’t value creativity (and at times don’t wish to work in English!). Henkel's Superbowl add was it seems (when compared to others efforts) for her a particular 'validation point'/negative experience!

Most recently Bianca was heavily involved in the European VW pitch. Much of the business from that win will come through the Berlin office, which is great for DDB. Creative and strategy will be mainly led by Adan&Eve DDB in London. While that was the right decision, their work won the pitch and their armoury is far bigger than Bianca’s it does mean DDB Berlin will take on more of a VW satellite agency positioning. 

Coming full circle to Bianca’s desire to drive creative agenda’s and her handicap in not speaking business German (which she feels the leader of the VW agency needs to be able to do) , she has decided she should move on. Her European and global CEOs understand. They are at the early stages of discussing some possible roles in the US with Bianca… she is also keen to explore opportunities in London. Bianca knows she wouldn’t move to the UK or US for a CEO role. She’s not ready for that, but would position herself at a Managing partner of MD type level.  Based on the conversation about ’Saatchi Client leadership 2019’ aligned with her timing being of the mindset to move we think she is someone you should meet to have on your radar. 

Bianca earns around €200k 
CV is here


At FCB, Richard is currently leading the operational transformation of the agency through a series of internal initiatives, including a partnership with performance marketing agency Cadastra, a tie-up with FCB Mumbai for studio and digital development, a new influencer division, and evolving their in-house production company Fuel. With Fuel, he’s hired a new Head Of Broadcast & Talent, staffed up (new editor, new production manager etc), over-hauled how they monetise the offering to ensure the best profit, helped create new creds, and led the internal sell-in.

At Anomaly, he injected rigour and process into the agency, partnering closely with the COO, and helped return it to profit within 12 months. He left because Camilla was too hands on. During his time at Anomaly he ran Beats By Dre, led the Budweiser Dream Goal work (which is some of Anomaly’s best and most successful work) and Diageo business.

While at BBH, he became known as a ‘trusted innovator’ (direct quote from his appraisal!) after leading various forays into the unknown, from their first piece of content (Johnnie Walker) to their first brand website (Axe). This culminated in his second stint on BA, on which he drove the transition to a new model after the 2014 pitch, doubling the scope and size of team as they took on loyalty strategy and e-CRM delivery from Ogilvy, and setting up the joint venture with 7 Seconds.

Finally, his time at BBH gave him a love of craft. The knowledge that, as John Hegarty says, "creativity is 80% idea and 80% execution".

FCB have had a tough year financially, and so Richard is starting to have a conversation or two as he is concerned for the overall health of the agency.

CV is here.

AMY GARRETT - ex-GEneral manager at droga5

Amy Garrett, was General Manager at Droga5 London. She helped set the London agency up. From pitching, winning and running the FarFetch business, winning the Impulse business, to getting 3 million views for the collaboration film between Rudimental and Beats by Dre, to launching a new channel for the BBC called Brit, to name but a few of her achievements. She has not only led every new business pitch, with a successful track history of success, she has operationally helped set up the agency here in London. Amy gets stuff done and knows how to make it happen. What she loves most is genuine creative partnership. She was very close to Nik Studzinski (ECD of Droga now at Karmarama) and he brought her over to Droga5 when they first opened.

Droga5 has been a turbulent journey and Amy had invested lots of time, energy and belief in the most recent senior management team, however this year has been a tough one financially and they could not justify a large salary on their P+L so parted ways only very recently.

Prior to Droga5, Amy was leading Boots and ran InBev Becks Green Box project at Mother, an award winning creative platform which featured an augmented reality networked art gallery.

Amy is someone we have long wanted to connect you to, and think could be very interesting for the Prodigious COO role but also as a senior figure within Saatchis.

CV is here.

ANNABEL HUNT - ex-CSD at Adjust your set

As a seasoned Client Services Director Annabel has taken on a client leadership role in several high profile agencies, being accountable for the financial health of the business, whilst leading, and growing client business worth in excess of £5m revenue and recruited/managed the team required to deliver this. With a solid New Business background she is also a tenacious business development professional.

She is a team player who thrives on building and mentoring a strong, effective, happy team focused on delivering results and profit. Being versatile, quick to react, a self starter and also believing the devil is in the detail she believes in doing things right, transparency and delivering the absolute best for clients, agencies and media owners alike. She is a hand’s on Client Services Director who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty whilst overseeing and/or managing all levels of productions.

In recent years her focus has been on audience first communication offerings, including building content strategies and frameworks for multiple brands, as well as delivering the production and distribution of digital and social content.

Most relevantly as Client Services Director of Adjust Your Set she was responsible for delivering complex content campaigns and social partnerships across all media channels (owned, earned and paid) for high profile brands such as Marks & Spencer, Bacardi Group, Baileys, Foster’s, Debenhams, Facebook and Barclaycard, to name a few. She has focused on this type of work since her time at Cake (back in 2003) creating content through events and experiences for PR coverage, through RedBee Media and Naked Communications. Activations have included bringing back Alan Partridge for Foster’s, content creation for and at a Bacardi event in the Bermuda Triangle, M&S: Food Love Stories, a series of Celebrity partnerships for ‘In The Moment’, an event called ‘The Table’, bringing chefs together for some epic food adventures, launching Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's makeup and perfume range, and many more. 

CV is here.